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Stupid Hype Part 1: Get Hype!

Tonite I present you all with the first official nugget from the Stupid Hype project that I’ve been working on for the past 4 months. Stupid Hype came out of the success of the viral video that I helped make with my brother, the elusive Murphy Lawless, hyper-talented director homie, Dugan O’neal, and the pint-sized swaggadelic alter-ego of actress Rachel Bilson– “MC Thug Lite”. We made a rap video with a hollywood starlet, and people laughed. The CW Network then thought it appropriate to extend more resources towards our crew to make a “webseries”. Well, we went waaaaay beyond what they expected and it’s finally ready to be revealed. My brother and Dugan wrote a kooky, hilarious, and ironic-yet-moving tale of a has-been b-boy who pursues his newfound dream of becoming the best rapper alive in 1990 (official trailer here). I produced and recorded the soundtrack (and I’ll take a lil credit for helping come up with the concept too). If you were raised on 90’s hip hop like I was, or have a love for new jack swing and Big Daddy Kane, then you’ll no doubt get a kick out of this. We also collectively owe a great debt of inspiration to Cool As Ice. The whole series runs over an hour in it’s entirety, with music videos and songs running throughout- “Get Hype!” is the first official single. The video was shot with VHS cameras. 2 Legit 2 Quit, nawmean?!? I’m sharing a playlist of some other 90’s boom bap gold to help get you in the mood for the rest that’s still to come. If you’re in NYC, join me and the posse at the premier this Friday at the NY Television Festival. Hammerpants and acid wash are highly encouraged.

N.W.A. :       Express Yourself one of the first hip hop songs I fell in love with, from a mixtape given to me my by my big sis. Forever indebted.

Public Enemy :       Don't Believe The Hype Remember when I opened for P.E. at Flava Flav’s 50th Bday?!? I do. It was kray. It’s also kray that Flav has a cameo in Stupid Hype. YES.

De La Soul :       Buddy (ft. Jungle Brothers & Q-Tip) These are the dudes that would shape my listening for, well, the rest of life…

Masta Ace :       Music Man a somewhat lesser-known bomb

Cypress Hill :       How I Could Just Kill A Man catch me at age 12 with a bbgun in hand, off-roading (or “skiddin”), in the jacked up jeep of my best friend’s older brother- bumpin this

Run DMC :       Peter Piper Mardi Gras drumbreak, still one of the best ever, WITH the bells.

KRS-One :       You Must Learn words from the teacher

Young MC :       Know How this full album was one of my first CD’s ever

Big Daddy Kane :       Warm It Up I still drop this all the time, and I don’t think that’s gonna change any time soon

Eric B & Rakim :       Let The Rhythm Hit Em (Mashed Up Funk Mix) where to begin with this duo, so many joints! But maybe you don’t have this one

  • Dangerscouse

    Gutted, I’ve got all of these…but they’re all great so it’s always good to hear them again

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