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Charlie Wilder aka Captain Planet is a DJ / Producer / Artist / Professional nice guy.


Mixtape Riot Radio #28

I know I know, the flow here ain’t like it used to be. But hopefully this new mix chock full of good ones will appease the thirsty few who continue to come here seeking some musical juice. I appreciate y’all!

Sunny springtime vibes abound in this latest episode of Mixtape Riot. Expect the eclectic as per usual, from lesser known oldies to brand new material, from Brazil to Peru to the Congo and beyond. 60 minutes of top tier cosmic funk, disco and house from around the world. The mix starts off mellow before picking up into some serious dancefloor heat later on, including sounds from Wayne Snow, Mndsgn, Underground System, Bad Colours with Toribio and much more.

Full tracklist and download available here on the BrooklynRadio.com page. PEACE

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Mixtape Riot Radio #27

What’s good y’all, been a minute but I think you’ll agree the wait was worth it. I finished my next album (woohoo!) but it won’t come out until Spring. In the meanwhile, I had my own little celebration in the studio while recording this new episode. Tune in for 60 minutes of deep funk, dirty disco, and soulful house music, meticulously selected and mixed by yours truly. From Italy, to Japan, to Brazil and points far beyond, we travel through sounds that know no bounds, all connected by the intergalactic groove. You’ll hear recent songs from Channel Tres, Mad Honey, Melvo Baptiste and K.O.G. getting remixed by Poirier, as well as a bunch of under the radar oldies that you need in your life. Enjoy the trip and spread the good vibes!

Full tracklist and download available on the BrooklynRadio.com page

  • juleslefrog

    Nice drop!

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Going Out With A Bang

Hello out there! I hope you all are finding time to wind down the year properly with good company, delicious food & drink, strong health, and of course, a bounty of dope music. I’ve been too busy to share as regularly as I’d like, but these top tier selections should help keep you bouncing through the final days of 2022. Do yourself a favor and press play with plenty of room to dance out loud the way these songs were made for. Sounds from near & far, old to the new, with a couple of my own recent releases in the mix. Not at all a best of the year situation, just a bunch of current favorites that are in heavy rotation over here and will no doubt get play at my last couple gigs of the year.

Check out more stunning images from Olgalc Bozalp if you dig what you see above. Cheers everyone!

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  • Lucho

    I’ve been listening to your selections and music for years and just in 2023 I find out you’ve been posting music in your blog forever? I have so much to go through! Thanks for the quality tunes always!!!

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Mixtape Riot Radio #26

After a very busy Summer & Fall touring, I’m back with another 60 minutes of top tier sonic soul food. Sounds old and new, from near and far, all connected by a certain eclectic funky feeling that makes sense when you press play. The mix travels from Israel to West Africa, from Italy to Puerto Rico, and makes several stops in Brazil, because we should all take some time to celebrate the downfall of a fascist leader this week! PEACE

Full tracklist & download available on BrooklynRadio.com

  • Lyle

    Thank you for this. Still going great for those of us who love music.

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Everyday Masterpieces

Been feeling extra grateful lately. No single big thing going on to attribute that to, just feeling like I need to soak up every good moment and focus on small details that show everyday proof of love. I miss my buddy Sumo. I miss my childhood best friend Adam who passed a full 14 years ago. I look at my 3 year old making a corny joke and I could burst into tears of joy. I guess I’m feeling sentimental, but I definitely don’t want it to go away. I’ve had a year of reaching fruition in so many ways, and now I’ve got the sweet taste of rich juice on my tongue and I’m savoring it, staring at the pulp daydreaming of planting 10 million acres of fruit trees. And it’s quite funny for me to have this blog as a diary, to look back at the playlists I was posting 14 years ago, and still love that music, and still feel inspired by the same sparks, and still believe in the simple power of sharing these gems old and new from all around this precious planet. Today we have sounds from a super dope young Greek producer who I discovered this summer while digging at a record store in Athens. Sounds from Brazil, Colombia (where I will travel to on Thursday for my first time ever!), Israel, Turkey, Mali, Martinique, Lesotho, Cape Verde, more Cape Verde (including one of my all time favorite songs by Cesaria Evora), Malawi, Puerto Rico, and muthafuggin LATVIA. Ok??? If this fat collection of under-appreciated sonic gold doesn’t prove that this world is chock full of beauty, then lord help your pessimistic light forsaken soul. Also, super cool artwork today comes courtesy of Hilary Pecis who has lots more to keep you tingling as well. Press play and bump loudly…



A whole lot of life has been lived in the past 3 months. I spent all of May & June touring Europe, playing the most amazing parties with my sonic bredren Bosq & GUTS, and having my own family tag along too. It was nothing short of a dream come true- one which I hope will repeat and maybe become a semi-regular occurrence! Then I came back to LA to hustle, catch up on projects and do some local gigs. I spent a few days working with one of my good friends, fellow DJ / producer and all-around great human being Sumohair. And then I left for a week on the East Coast where I’m originally from. A couple days into my trip I got a call from a mutual friend that Sumo had been in an accident and didn’t make it. The shock and pain are still pretty overwhelming at moments. He was such a bright light and inspiration to so many folks in our music scene, locally in LA and way beyond. He had started touring a lot more with his super dope band Reyna Tropical, and his career was really taking off. We talked about so many things we dreamed of doing… I was contemplating doing a proper tribute to him here, but honestly the very tasteful DJ T-KAY did an amazing job of that on her latest radio show for Dublab, so I kinda prefer to just send you there. Instead I’m sharing some songs that have provided some of the highlights from the past season, including a couple of my own latest remixes. I know Sumo would dig some of these joints too. I will try to post more, I swear.

  • Dangerscouse

    You might already have it, but I recently bought Peter Britto – I Want Your Love (Ben Gomori’s Festival Romance Edit) and it’s so suited to you. A lovely festival vibed edit to a wonderful Soca tune. Highly recommend listening to this.

  • Andrew

    I first learned about Sumohair from your site – https://mixtaperiot.com/wp/2020/01/ – I am sorry for your loss. Keep sharing the great music; it shines a much needed light on the unsung heroes pushing quality music through their edits/originals.

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