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Charlie Wilder aka Captain Planet is a DJ / Producer / Artist / Professional nice guy.


Mixtape Riot Radio #31

Hello world, welcome to the year of the Dragon! I’m back with another 60mins of soulful selections to get you through tough times and keep you stepping on the good foot. Sounds sourced from near & far, old & new, you can expect the eclectic as always. The mix begins with some mellower songs from Pale Jay, Souleance and Say She She, before going into more uptempo disco & house vibes from artists like Mia Moretti, Full Crate, Aroop Roy & Tony Touch among others. Tune in and take a trip.

Full tracklist and download available on the BrooklynRadio webpage

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Soundtrack For A Strike

This week I’ve been doing my best to participate in the global strike for Gaza. Limiting my shopping, my travel, and my time on social media other than to elevate Palestinian voices and draw attention to the absolute catastrophe that is currently being inflicted on the entire population there, by the Israeli government, paid for and supported with zero strings attached by my own government. It’s been a heartbreaking 112 days since October 7th. I’ve been compelled to do a lot of learning, questioning, growing… because trying to make some kind of sense of the deep rooted problem helps me hold onto the hope that it’s possible to think our way out, and that in the bigger scheme, humans as a whole are not doomed to self destruction (at least not yet). Another way I’ve managed to find solace has been participating in whatever small way I can in disrupting the current genocidal campaign, and raising funds to support organizations who do work and provide services for Palestinians (when it’s even possible to do so). Protests, rallies, difficult conversations, even organizing a fundraiser event here in LA. It helps, I encourage you to try it out if you haven’t. Certainly better than binging more news or doom scrolling. All this is to say, today I am sharing a soundtrack of purely Arabic music, some of it from Palestinian artists, some of it recorded from my own vinyl, some ripped from CD’s I bought in the streets of Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, some not available on Spotify. I hope these songs help you through these trying times, dancing and finding joy despite the very worst that our world continues to throw our way. After all, it’s the pursuit of joy, and the promise of eventual peace that we do all this for.

Photo above comes from 2011 when 13,000 children of Gaza helped break the Guiness world record for largest number of people flying kites simultaneously.

Peace, C


Mixtape Riot Radio #30

What’s up world! I’m back with another 60 minutes of eclectic sounds that know no bounds. While so much of the world around us is highly divided and angry right now, this mix is all about making connections across continents and finding common ground in rhythm. It’s a global gumbo, tastefully seasoned with Turkish psychedelic funk, Brazilian Boogie, West African Reggae, Arabic Synth Disco, Latin House and a wide range of top tier soulful sounds that fall between. Tune in and take a trip…

Full tracklist and download available on the BrooklynRadio webpage

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Global Gumbo Funk Treasure Hunt Megamix

Calling all record diggers, music nerds and treasure hunters! I cooked up a musical egg hunt specifically designed for you, with multiple prize packages available to win. As a way to celebrate the many vintage musical inspirations from around the world that helped shape my trademark “gumbo funk” sound, I made a 60min megamix featuring beloved records as well as some selections from my recent “Sounds Like Home” full-length. Instead of releasing a tracklist, I left it up to you to do your digging!

Simply put, the person who correctly identifies the most songs in this mix wins.

There are 30 tracks in total, each one worth a potential of 3 points for correctly identifying the Artist Name(s), the Song Title, and the Artist(s) Country(ies) of Origin. Every participant earns 10 points simply for entering the contest, making a grand total of 100 possible points. There will also be a consolation lottery prize chosen at random from the entries, so even if you don’t want to do your homework, you can still be entered to win. Runner up prize packages will go to the people with the 2nd & 3rd most points earned. With 4 chances to win, it’s time to flex your record digging skills and show how much you really think you know about those coveted deep cuts. Sure, feel free to use Shazam as much as you like, I know there are a handful in here that will keep you searching, so good luck!


  • Paz

    I still miss Covid Shutdown Pajama Party DJ Sets. Keep sharing the good stuff!

  • alex

    Excellent news !! your site is still alive, thank you and I hope you have an excellent and peaceful Christmas :)

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Mixtape Riot Radio #29

As the tempo slows down during these sweltering dog days of Summer, I’ve returned with another 60min mix to keep your energy lifted and your body in motion. The mix takes you on a cross-continental journey, making stops in South Africa, Italy, Brazil, Australia, India, Suriname and elsewhere. Strictly top tier deep cuts, old and new, all connected through a soulful groove.

Download and full tracklist are available here

  • Kris Obertas

    Thanks for a new mix! I find it harder than ever to discover top tier tunes through the big music outlets. Hitting something that has IT, almost random now, needle in a haystack, so appreciate another tight curated selection

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Mixtape Riot Radio #28

I know I know, the flow here ain’t like it used to be. But hopefully this new mix chock full of good ones will appease the thirsty few who continue to come here seeking some musical juice. I appreciate y’all!

Sunny springtime vibes abound in this latest episode of Mixtape Riot. Expect the eclectic as per usual, from lesser known oldies to brand new material, from Brazil to Peru to the Congo and beyond. 60 minutes of top tier cosmic funk, disco and house from around the world. The mix starts off mellow before picking up into some serious dancefloor heat later on, including sounds from Wayne Snow, Mndsgn, Underground System, Bad Colours with Toribio and much more.

Full tracklist and download available here on the BrooklynRadio.com page. PEACE

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