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My new studio is finally up and running! Been a lot of work and a long time coming. It may be hard for me to leave this room all Summer. Wall paint is still drying and the fresh carpet smell is strong enough to give me a head buzz. I was pondering what it would be like to cover the floor in one of those classy carpet options above, available for a good price at Linoleum City, but then I wimped out last minute (LAME, I know, but might help prolong what’s left of my sanity). Already had my first recording session in here, and my first mixing session (tons of new music will be coming soon), but this is officially my first blog post from Melon Elevado Studio, where heads get lifted. Aiiiiight?!? And now, new tunes

Goldroom :       Only You Can Show Me (ft. Mereki)

Chico Mann :       Esta Bueno
this whole new album is dope, get it.

Phoenix :       Entertainment (Hot Natured Remix)
shout out to my homie DJ Cato for this one

Lykke Li :       Little Bit (CSS Remix)

Classixx :       Holding On &       Into The Valley ft. Karl Dixon (Julio Bashmore Remix)

Matpat :       Werk That Nerve (Ben Mono Remix)

Ben Mono :       The Feel
gotdamn this Mono dude has some funky ass tracks

Blawan :       Getting Me Down

Nora En Pure :       Come With Me

Natural Self :       An Invisible Light &       Machine

  • surian

    another awesome post… Been digging that Blawan tune for a minute, and yes chico’s long player is so good… Cant wait to check out all these other gems.. Thank you, Friday just got a whole lot better!

  • Brian

    Hey! Love the music, but the links aren’t working. :(

  • Chuck Wild

    Hey Brian, what link isn’t working? They all seem to work for me…

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