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Gone In A Flash


Where does the time go?!? Why does it all of a sudden feel like I’m busier than ever before and barely have time to keep feeding this beautiful blog? If this is growing up, then I need to find a cure. In lieu of writing about why this music is great, I’ll let this photo by Thomas Prior speak wonders for me.

Marvin Gaye vs. Stro Elliot :       Turn On Some Marvin

Gilberto Gil :       Todamenina (Tahira Edit)

Young & Sick :       Glass

YesYou :       So Much To Give (L D R U Remix)

Chairlift :       Ghost Tonight

UltraĆ­sta :       Smalltalk (Four Tet Remix)

Paradis :       Hemisphere

Elderbrook :       Rewinding

Dan Croll :       From Nowhere &       Can You Hear Me

Paris Carney :       It's Always The Quiet Ones

  • Jon

    Thank you SO much for this posting and all of your posts. You’re the first music blog I go to and that Brandy remix hit me RIGHT deep in my chest man, DAAMMMNNNN. I’m a full-time DJ down in Austin if you ever come down and are looking for gigs. RESPECT!

  • seth

    Hey heads up – when you click on “Chuck Wild” it leaves to a broken page:

    Also! on the contacto page, there is no contact email or anything to contact to report this bug! Hence me posting here.

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