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Here It Comes

Been a long time since I was in school, but I still always feel the communal good vibes of early Summer when kids suddenly multiply in the street. June feels like a constant excuse to work a little less hard. Partly because of this natural mystic that’s in the air, and partly because I’m 11 hours deep into the amazing patois goldmine that is the audiobook of A Brief History Of Seven Killings, I’m extra inspired to share some dancehall sounds (even if most of these songs aren’t from Jamaica). I also played a bunch of these alongside my homie DJ Nadi up in Mendocino over the weekend at Enchanted Forest Festival and it’s clear that the afro-soca dancehall stylee is hitting hard this year. Wouldn’t be surprised to hear Beyonce on an Afrobeat track before 2017 is done. Enjoy the beats & ciao for now…