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Slow & Haunting

Blood Bank coverEngineers coversaturdays__youth_m83

Bon Iver is dropping their new EP Blood Bank in less than a week and if they don’t hit a sophomore slump, hopefully it signals another strong full length to come later this year. Those not familiar with their hauntingly beautiful debut album For Emma, Forever Ago should make a point to check it out. I’ve always had somewhat of a taste for more downtempo & mellow grooves, but over the last year this has been taking me in more of a shoe-gazer / indie-rock direction. So in the spirit of sort of slow and haunting tunes on these cold and dark days, I wanted to share a couple tracks by the Engineers, M83, and Air (Virgin Suicides anyone?). And just to add a little quirkiness too, Bon Iver mixes things up a little with a live cover they did of the Outfield‘s (one?) hit Your Love.

Bon Iver – Blood Bank (title track) & Your Love (live cover)

Engineers – Said and Done from their self-titled album

M83 – Skin of the Night from Saturdays = Youth

Air – Playground Love on the Virgin Suicides Soundtrack

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