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Deep Thaw

For this mix Captain Planet joined forces once again with Bastard Jazz head honcho DRM on a very snowy Brooklyn weekend. While there’s plenty of tropical ecuatorial vibes on here to warm the spirit, the mix also moves into some deeper soulful house and electronic sounds that reflect the chilly environs, including the classic “Southern Freeez” for a closing track. Pour yourself a hot toddy and get ready to boogie down in your long underware!

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  1. Onra – Long Distance
  2. Bing Ji Ling – Sunshine Love (Ray Mang Remix)
  3. Brownout – Slinky (Caz Remix)
  4. Kinka – LLC
  5. The Mgababa Queens – Maphuti (Captain Planet Remix)
  6. Las 4 Monedas – Buena Suerte (Whiskey Barons Edit)
  7. Johnny Clarke – None Shall Escape The Judgement (Kid Gusto Remix)
  8. Negghead – You (78 Edit)
  9. Boohgaloo Zoo – Testify (Soulphiction Remix)
  10. Flying Lotus – Do The Astral Plane
  11. Space Ranger – Shave Me, I’m Famous (Ajello Remix)
  12. Space Dimension Controller – Transatlantic Landing Bay
  13. Captain Planet – Untitled
  14. Pablo Sanchez & Watch TV – Sunstar (Zeb Remix)
  15. Yosaku & DJ Day – The Bottle
  16. Teaspoon & The Waves – Oh Yeh Soweto (Sofrito Edit)
  17. Cosmic Force – Trinidad Bump
  18. Talking Drums– Courage
  19. Freeez – Southern Freeez
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