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Captain Planet & Murphy’s Law (collectively known as THE FUNK BROS) are back with another collection of raw, funky, pshychedelic, mind-melting tracks from around the world. Leaving no corner of the globe untouched, they’ve scoured the nether regions and procured some of the finest and rarest gems for your listening enjoyment. Allow yourself to travel from Brazil to Turkey to India to Nigeria and back- making stops at just about every funky place in between. Can you tell we still like actual records here?

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  1. Sola – Tabu-Tabu
  2. Ray Rivera – Sumptin’ Like Dat
  3. Tim Maia – E Necessario
  4. Baris Manco -Cit Cit Cedene
  5. Fela Kuti – Colonial Mentality
  6. Marcos Valle – Mentira
  7. Mary McCreary – Singing The Blues
  8. Los Mirlos – La Danza De Los Mirlos
  9. Catalino y su Combo – Tan Bella Y Presumida
  10. Orquesta Riverside – En Casa Del Trompo No Bailes
  11. Los Amaya – Caramelos
  12. Mad Man Jaga – Hankuri
  13. Las 4 Monedas Y Gregory – Trauma
  14. Lafayette Afro Rock Band – Darkest Light
  15. Yamasuki – Yama Yama
  16. Serge Gainsbourg – Requiem Pour Un Con
  17. Cortijo Y Su Bonche – Sorongo
  18. Kamal Ahmed ft. Noor Jehan – I Am Very Sorry
  19. Sapan Jagmohan – Meri Aakhon Mein (Edit)
  20. Sonny Okosuns – Dance Of The Elephants
  21. Wganda Kenya– El Evangelio
  22. Tortilla Factory – Cookin’
  23. The Celebrant – Off Beats
  24. Makonde – Manzara
  25. Phirpo y sus Caribes – Y Esa Pava Que
  26. Outro
  • Dennis Condon

    love it. Shake your rump!

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