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Psyched Out Funky Pu-Pu Platter!

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Danger_Cover_Small.jpg Jocafi_Cover_Small.jpg Asha_Cover_Small.jpg

The Lijadu Sisters : Danger
taken from the album “Danger” on Afrodisiac (1976)

Antonio Carlos & Jocafi : Quem Vem La
taken from the album “Mudei De Ideia” on RCA (1971)

Asha Bhosle & R.D. Burman : Dum Maro Dum (Live)
taken from the album “Live at Royal Albert Hall, London” on EMI (1979)

First entry, jeah! I wanted to drop this highly combustible combo pack as an offering. What you see here, or hear here, is a brief introduction to some of my favorite things– namely, rare old funky gems from foreign countries. Hopefully, after a few months of this blog, some of these tunes won’t come accross as being too foreign at all. That’s when I’ll start to drop the really HEAVY shiz on ya! So, about the tunes…

An entire era before M.I.A. was stirring shit up with her punky, funny, poilitical, crunky sound; The Lijadu Sisters (Kehinde and Taiwo) were tearing down similar musical barriers in Nigeria. Emerging from the midst of Afrobeat’s primordial ooze, these young gorgeous twins sound more like a mix of Le Tigre and Grace Jones than they do Fela. A Track from one of their later albums was put on the highly recommended NIGERIA 70 comilation put out by AfroStrut. I got this record at the WFMU record fair for a five-spot- that’s the beauty of diggin’. Supposedly they live in Brooklyn now, I should look them up.

Antonio Carlos (not Jobim) & Jocafi have had a long-lasting musical relationship, but nothing compares to the heaviness of their work in the early 70’s. Pure, un-abashed Brazilian funk. They’ve been featured on several comps recently, even Afro-funk collections, but I haven’t seen this track surface yet. Screaming guitar, driving bass, yodeling, and horns that punch harder than the Game’s hottest lines.

Last but certainly not least, Bollywood legend Asha Bhosle recorded this ditty with her genius-composer husband R.D. Burman at a live concert in 1978. It was their first time performing in London: two nights, massive crowds, setlists that covered a substantial chunk of the then-contemporary Bollywood hits. I chose this tune (it’s an edited version, as the double-LP doesn’t have track breaks) in part because the original was recently sampled for Method Man’s single “What’s Happening” (the sample could have been freaked MUCH harder), but also because the movie that it’s taken from, “Hare Rama Hare Krishna”, is a MUST SEE for anyone who thinks that too much chanting (particularly in conjunction with large doses of opium and heroin) has potentially harmful effects. This same edited version of the song has also been re-released by the wonderful folks who brought us Sitar Beat Vol’s 1 and 2. Thank them, and then go watch that movie!