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Music with Friends

Very happy to announce that 2 (very different) projects I’ve been involved with for a while now have finally gotten official release. First up is the full-length album “Undone” by my good friend Arian Saleh. With an entirely unique mix of styles on this record (dubstep, gypsy, folk, electronic…), the project still manages to sound very cohesive. In addition to Arian’s standout lyrics, there’s amazing string work on here by the legendary (Grammy Award-winning) cellist Dave Eggar. Yeah, pretty cool project to be involved in. I am proud to say I produced half the songs on here (all the electronic ones). Check out the video for Underhill above and take a listen to one of my favorite cuts from the record below, then go get the whole thing and support! Also, just a lil while prior my homies Can’t Stop Won’t Stop released their new album of classic boom-bap hip hop and dancefloor funk (which features a few tracks produced by yours truly) called “Wildebeest”. It’s also up on iTunes, so grab it while it’s hot. Moody electronic to boom bap… I don’t tend to limit myself to one particular steez. Cheers to the sounds that know no bounds!

Arian Saleh :       Cut Me Loose

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop :       48 Straight