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Baile Funk Revival

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Azimuth_Cover_Small.jpg Banda_Cover_Small.jpg

Azimuth : Melo Da Cuica
taken from the soundtrack album “Pecado Capital” on Som Livre (1975)

Banda Black Rio : Melissa
taken from the album “Saci Perere” on RCA (1980)

Yeah, Brazilian funk is now popping up from in between your toes, climbing out of the shower drain, and even finding its way into your drawers as soon as you bring ’em home from the laundrymat. Pretty soon one of these songs will probably be used in a VW commercial. But that’s OK by me. We all loved City Of God and if you’ve never been to Black Betty on a Sunday night, then go already, ’cause you’ll love that too. Brazilian music deserves being heard, and spread. That’s why I’m happy to see Spinna putting out a comp on top of the growing number already out there. Even the new sound of Baile Funk is reaching beyond Brazilian borders. I know Diplo is diggin’ it, me too. Also, if you want to check one of my all time favorite films, the City Of God that came out when underage crime rings were still running things, then check this.

Basically, Azimuth (I’ve also seen it spelled Azymuth) ripped the Headhunters sound entirely, and added a cuica. I love it. It screams to be chopped up. Who’s gonna get there first… This song comes from the soundtrack to a 70’s Novela; I’d love to get my hands on some of the footage from that show.

Next up is another staple in the old-school Brazilian scene, Banda Black Rio. I first heard these guys on the Black Rio comp that came out in 2002. It’s a siiick collection. I put “Gafieira Universal” on my Jungle Funk Island mix. Banda also have a “best of” on Soul Jazz records. That “best of” contains the club bumper classic “Miss Cheryl”, which can also be found on Saci Perere. This same album has just been re-released by BMG. So cop it. I was lucky enough to dig this record from a bin for a five spot. Another good day for a vinyl junkie.