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Big Bad Bashment Mashup Attachments

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Ciara_cover.jpg + Yaz_Cover.jpg

morrison_cover.jpg + GetRight_Cover.jpg

Ciara vs. Yaz : One, Two, Step (Captain Planet Remix)

Mark Morrison vs. Rich Harrison : Get Crazy Right (Captain Planet Remix)

Yeah, our party was fun. So BOOO-hooo to all who missed out.

Of course, things never go quite as planned. So most of the music I had arranged for my set just didn’t get played. That includes this mash-up of Morrison (the man who brought us “Return of the Mack” back in 1996) and Harrison (the man who produced the funky delectables “One Thing” & “Crazy In Love”). Something about a soulful mid-90’s crooner alongside an anonymous raggamuffin is a whole lot more appealing than the post-millenial, digitally corrected, high-pitched choking sound of J-Lo. And supposedly, she stole the bridge from Usher.

I did get a chance to drop the Ciara. So if you dug, now you can repeat the duggation. And enough already about Ciara being a hermaphrodite, I just had to give my entire class an unexpected lesson plan on chromosomes and genitalia– diagrams included.