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It’s Funkin’ Party Time, Aiiight?

blackman_cover.jpg breakwater_cover.jpg

Don Blackman : Heart’s Desire
taken from the album “Don Blackman” on GRP Arista (1982)

Breakwater : Splashdown Time
taken from the album “Splashdown” on Arista (1980)

That’s right, prepare yourselves for a muthaload of all things good when the Via crew takes over Bar Eleven this upcoming Saturday for some loud-music-mayhem! This week I’m dropping FUNK on yer domes cuz that’s what makes our asses quiver & excite, while our nipples shiver with delight. Caps & Jones are up in the piece, my boy Tito Rock will be bringing some serious shiz, and yours truly will finally release a highly danceable and original E.P. into the world at large (without a label no less). There’s free drinks, free mix CDs, T-shirt and Vinyl giveaways from Bastard Jazz, and dancing- what more do you need. Tell your friends, download the flyer and forward that shiz around ’cause you like us and want to support what we do, and definitely SHOW UP. Ok, that’s that.

This Don Blackman record has history, not just in the world of funk lovers, soul seekers, and beat fanatics, but for me personally. I tell you that in honest to god truth, I found an original promo copy of this record in excellent condition sitting on top of a trash can on 6th Ave. right near where the homeless guys sell stuff. I picked it up out of a stack of crappy 80’s pop without even knowing what it was! When I got home and put it on, transformations occured. This was the record that opened me up to the possibility that 80’s funk was entirely real. I loved M.J. and some classic 80’s hip hop, but in the fog of my ignorance I thought the rest of the recordings from the decade could explode in an overly reverbed snare hit without me missing a thing. How wrong I was. Thanks Don, you’ve helped me discover countless grooves, ridiculous breaks, and you’ve even fostered my appreciation for the well used synthesizer. I used to let this whole A-side play all the way through at every house party I threw. Some people jock this LP for the “Holding You Loving You” song that I first heard on Kenny Dope’s entirely classic mix for BBE. But my jam, for so many reasons, is “Heart’s Desire”. Some people are a little too crazed about this track, but I suppose it’s almost understandable. Check Don’s little piano solo at the outro- absolute perfection.

Lablemates Breakwater dropped their LP “Splashdown” a couple years before Don made his solo debut. But one track on this album, “Let Love In”, actually has a strikingly similar bassline. I didn’t give you that one ’cause I feel the bridge is a little bit too cheesy, but it makes for a perfect mix with “Desire” for all ye DJs out there. I don’t know that much about this group, but “Splashdown” is a sure-fire party pleaser that often brings people up to the DJ booth asking “who’s this?”

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