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Boom Bap Inna Jamaican Stylee

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George Nooks ft. Lupa : Real Man
taken from his self-titled album on Correct (1997)

Motion ft. Ruffa : Gangsta
taken from the album Hip Hop Reggae on VP (1995)

Kenny Dope ft. Screechy Dan : Boomin’ In Ya Jeep
taken from the album “The Unreleased Project” on Freeze (1993)

I remember when ragga hop was the shit. I left my Ragga Twins “Rinsin Lyrics” tape in my walkman for at least a couple weeks one summer. I decided my favorite track on the Us3 album was “Tukka Yoot’s Riddim”. And I could definitely sing along to every single song on Til Shiloh, without really knowing what half of the words were (I hadn’t been to Jamaica yet and was only 13, so give a honkey a break). I still don’t get where the “muffin” comes from in raggamuffin. Anyone? But anyway, now I’m diggin up shiz that I didn’t even know existed back when it came out. It’s not a musical focus of mine, in fact, I know there’s TONS out there that I’m entirely oblivious to, but what little Jamaican hip hop I do have, I love. There’s a few sound systems I know of that do nothing but reggae accapellas on hip hop heat. I dig it as long as there’s no mention of burning up Batty Boys, as soon as that shiz comes out I get really pissed off. It’s wierd, my tolerance for hearing violent and undoubtedly fabricated gangsta talk, along with my semi-complicity with blatantly chauvinistic and over-sexxed lyrics might lead one to belive that I don’t really care about content. Of course I DO care, but for some reason I feel like the damage being done on those fronts isn’t as immediately tangible to me as homosexuals getting stoned to death. For whatever reason, I really hate hearing that Batty Boy bullshit and was all excited when I first read this story a few months back. And seeing Stacyann Chin’s show gave me a little hope too. Then Sizzla (who’s new album I just got ’cause I work for Greensleeves) had to go and drop this track and just piss me off again. A rare example of ragga hop that I really don’t like at all- and such a siiick beat too. Well, moving on…

Last night the whole VIA crew went to an entirely dope party/art installation where (among other things) Bobo Saw was singing live over old school reggae riddims- that helped get me in the mood for sure. These are just three joints to enjoy hot summer heat by. Can’t really hate on Nooks for Jacking a beat this good (produced here by Psycho Les of the Beatnuts). Nooks is the singer, never heard of Lupa before. The “Gangsta” track reworks Buju Banton’s “Champion” on the minimal beat from the classic “Flava In Ya Ear” posse cut. I’m a little confuse about how the album credits two names for this tune, ’cause I only hear one voice. Anyone out there wanna school me? And finally, to pick it up a bit, actually A LOT, here’s a track that needs no real explanation beyond it’s entirely perfect title: “Boomin’ In Ya Jeep”. Bump that shiz too loud and you’ll definitely crack your neck from headbanging too hard.

And look everybody, ’cause a bunch of you folks have been complaining, I FINALLY GOT HALOSCAN!!!!!. Easy comments for lazy (or is it just short attention span?) web surfers. Let me know what you think.