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scientist_cover.jpg Obey_cover.jpg

The Scientist : Night Of The Living Dead
taken from the album “Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires” on Greensleeves (1981)

Chief Ebenezer Obey and his Inter-Reformers Band : Ambition (Side A)
taken from the album “Ambition” on Obey (1983)

Alright, alright already, I take the time to install Haloscan for your convenience and not a single comment? This calls for drastic measures… a contest! In a pathetic attempt at getting your feedback, I’m actually willing to give away a brand new CD copy of The Scientist’s legendary DUB masterpiece (I’ll throw in a Bobby Konders dancehall mix CD too). The prize goes to the first person who correctly identifies:
1) the contemporary (and highly prolific) producer that recently sampled this very Scientist track,
2) the name of the song which samples it,
3) and finally, you have to put your responses in the freakin’ COMMENTS section. Those are the conditions.

Now for a hint:
The song comes from a recent release off a Nor-Cal underground hip hop act’s latest effort.

Go to work you diggers and beat freaks! If you are even remotely into dub or reggae music, this Scientist album is a necessary addition to your undoubtedtly bloated music colleciton. Don’t worry, I’ll cover the shipping.

Dub music makes tolerable these sweltering hot nights when being buck-naked on top of your sheets with the fan blasting over your family jewels isn’t enough to keep you from cultivating a salty body syrup.

Juju music, as heard here by one of its greatest proponents, also manages to slink and squirm in a way fitting to my general summer sloth. This is actually a string of songs played continuously, as is common on these old-school juju LPs. The version you’re hearing is an edit, not by choice, but because my computer sometimes fritzes when recording for longer than 10 minutes at a time. Sorry. Speaking of ill Nigerian music, can someone please get me this album. Lordy, Honest Jons does it again- those guys are impeccable. Also, a blog brethren by the name of Count Reeshard has been dropping Juju gems left and right over at Permanent Condition, some early King Sunny Ade joints that should satisfy any further cravings you may have after hearing this taste of Obey.

Also, last Thursday night was spent the right way, dancing to loud funky music mixed by nasty DJs using a proper soundsystem. This highly recommended monthly event comes courtesy of Bastard Jazz records and the music fiend who takes care of the equally commendable musicblog Scissorkick. PEEP that shiz. And don’t forget to check out the Gumbo Funk E.P.