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New Soul – and FREE CDs!

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duplai_vikt_boldbeaut_101b.jpg owusuhannib_livingwit_101b.jpg

Vikter Duplaix : Nothing Like Your Touch
taken from the album “Bold & Beautiful” on BBE (2006)

Owusu & Hannibal : Blue Jay
taken from the album “Living With…” on Ubiquity (2006)

New music from a soulful Philly man who’s been doing it for a minute. Clear, fluid production from cats like James Poyser helps me come to terms with the revival of the synth. This track sounds like it’s slowly bubbling. Steamy sex in a science lab. And of course, Mr. Duplaix’s vocals are sounding as smooth and effortless as ever. The kind folks over at Giant Step, who first hipped me to this track, have been gracious enough to offer several copies of Vikter’s new CD Bold & Beautiful to giveaway to you lovely readers. Be one of the first to answer this question (NOT in the COMMENTS section) and you’ll have a nice little musical package on it’s way:

What’s the name of the music production group that Vikter helped start?

send answers via e-mail to: charlie@bywayof.net

And, then there’s this new album from some Danish doods who were entirely off my radar until a couple days ago. The record is a truly unique amalgamation of elements: retro 80’s drum sounds, crunchy Detroit bass synths, swelling string and vocal harmonies, and super-swingin’ broken-ass beats. There’s a track called “Delirium” that sounds, at least instrumentally, like a tribute to the late great Dilla. Definitely some Spacek influence here as well. The end product, however, shows they’ve got their own thing going on– in the shifting arrangements and creative organic touches. I think it’s safe to say I’m gonna be listening to this one quite a bit.