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Sweden, Norway… here come ThE BeATaRdS!

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FreddieCruger_cover.jpg Knife_cover.jpg smokeoff_COVER%21.jpg

Freddie Cruger : Over The Ocean ft. Desmond Foster
taken from the album “Soul Search” on Ubiquity/Raw Fusion (2006)

The Knife : Heartbeats
taken from the album “Deep Cuts” on V2 (2005)

Missy Ft. Ciara : Loosecontrol (Beatards RMX)
taken from our first mixtape “The Smoke Off” available NOW!

Some may be familiar with one of my major projects of the moment: Mixtape Riot! For those that don’t know, allow me to give a quick shpeal. It’s a party hosted by us, The BeATaRdS— 2 DJ’s, 4 turntables, and 1.5 MC’s (which means that while we have a frontman, I contribute the occaisional verse as well). We do live remixes with our own beats, and sprinkle in our original songs as well. Sounds a little confusing, but it’s easier to understand if you’re in the crowd. Well, we’ve been rocking shows in the L.E.S. for close to a year now, and we’re finally starting to hit the road… or airstrip, rather. EUROPE, baby! That’s right. We’re about to take Sweden and Norway by storm. Any of you folks over there, HOLLER, and check the myspace page for venue details. Gothenberg on the 18th, Oslo on the 19th, and Stockholm on the 20th. Plus we’re gonna be on Norway’s national hip hop radio station… Tommy T (I think)?!? Still not completely straight on all the details, but we’re definitely gonna be partying, so COME OUT and say wurd.

And here’s some tunes from up in those northern regions that I been feeling as of late. Gonna try to get into the studio with funkmaster Freddie Cruger while we’re over in Stockholm… got my fingers crossed. If you’re not totally convinced by The Knife’s version of Jose Gonzalez’s “Heartbeats”, then check the music video for the full-fledged experience. And yeah, cop our MIXTAPE! Paypal $5 ($8 Int’l) to captainplanet@bywayof.net with yer address attached.

p.s.- I was kindly informed by a reader that it was actually Jose Gonzalez who did the cover version of “Heartbeats”, originally by The Knife. Sorry.