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White People Punk Funk

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fearof.jpg SunnyDay.jpg

A Certain Ratio : Shack Up
taken from the album “Early” on Soul Jazz (2002)
-originally released as a single on Factory (1980)

Gang Of Four : Not Great Men
taken from the album “Entertainment” on Warner Brothers (1979)

Talking Heads : I Zimbra
taken from the album “Fear Of Music” on Sire (1979)

Pigbag : Sunny Day
taken from their self-titled EP on Stiff (1981)

First off, sorry for the lack of posts… Capt. P. working out of town plus young Murphy still in S. Africa equals not good for the blog. I will try to make it up to you all with a slew of music. So brace yerselves…

Second, the gracious people promoting Anthony Hamilton’s new album (see last post) have offered up two copies to giveaway. But you gotta be one of the first 2 people to answer this question in order to get yours:
What was the name and year of his first album???
e-mail answers to: captainplanet@bywayof.net

And finally, I was kinda shocked by the responses to the last post. I’m happy to hear what you all think of the selections, but one commentor actually called me a “racist bastard”… funny thing is, they must not have read what was actually written here, about how we really like the music of Amy Winehouse & Joss Stone. And maybe the said commentor missed the fact that this very blog was a part of the momentus hype- giving shine to that very same winehouse less than a month ago. I’m not too worried about being called out for what I write on here, this entire website is, after-all, a labor of love. Here in the crate we post music we love, sharing it with you in the hope that if you find yourself similarly moved by it, you’ll help spread the music even further. Perhaps bringing more attention and maybe even a few extra bucks into the hands of the artists through the purchase of an album or concert ticket.

However, in the event that you do feel inclined to criticize the opinions written here (and that’s quite alright by us), at least read what’s actually been written here first. One of the few perks in keeping this blog alive is receiving gracious comments or e-mails from you all, so please keep that coming as well – it is always appreciated.

Finally, lets all let off some collective steam in the best way I know how- whiteboy punk funk. Must one be white to enjoy the benefits of Punk? Certainly not. Does being funky require blackness? Please. We title our MP3s “Gumbo Funk” cause we tend to like it when genres (often historically defined by racial lines) blur, bend and mix.

A Certain Ratio is the shit. Gang Of Four is classic. Pigbag does not get enough propers. And Talking Heads we all know and love already, but lets play I Zimbra again just ’cause it’s so damn good.