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Marvin Gaye : Give It Up (U-Tern Remix)
taken from the “The Cookie Jar Vol. 1” on BTST (2007)

Ursula 1000 ft. Los Amigos Invisibles : Descarga En La Discoteca
taken from the album “Here Comes Tomorrow” on ESL (2005)

John Beltran : Candela
taken from the album “In Full Color” on Ubiquity (2004)

Organic Grooves : Homage To New York
taken from the album Organic Grooves 3 on Codek (2001)

DJ Patife : Sambassim
taken from the “The Brasil EP” on V Recordings (2001)

John Legend : Used To Love You (Yam Who? Remix)
taken from the 12″ single on Columbia (2005)

I’m DJ-ing a whole heckofalot these days, and looking at the upcoming few months, I don’t see signs of my schedule slowing down much. Also been travelling further and further towards the new horizon of Seratoland. Honestly, as much as I’m a vinyl junkie, this toy makes my job more fun. It’s not just that it’s easier to find the particular track that I’m thinking of in the moment (typing the title vs. scrolling through stacks), tapping into my ever expanding iTunes library also enables me to have more than 50 times as many songs with me at a gig. Plus, lifting my 100 pound record crates for 9 years now, I don’t just worry about my back, I can actually feel it these days. No joke, I bought my first bottle of arthritis cream last week (not good). So I’m trying to record more and more of my trusty 12″ singles and dancefloor friendly album cuts to help lighten the load for my ageing vertabrae. If you see an increasing number of dancefloor cuts appearing here, don’t complain, just put them all together and throw a party. Or buy Serato and start Deejay-ing yourself. End paid promo.

Found out about U-Tern through Soulstrut.com, but it turns out that he runs his own music blog which is pretty darn good too. I’ve always loved this Marvin cut (how can you not?), but having a remix as fresh as this one means even the music snobs won’t complain about your sound being played out.

The rest of these tunes are equally great, but I’ll let you listen and judge for yourselves whether or not they’ll turn the party out.