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Yesterday’s New Madlib

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Yesterday’s New Quintet : Free Son
taken from the “Jewelz” EP on Stones Throw (2007)

Yesterday’s New Quintet : Sunrays
taken from the “Elle’s Theme” EP on Stones Throw (2001)

Still remember clearly when I first heard “Sunrays”. Prolific graf-man Bernie Bernstein put it on my barely functioning Gemini turntable. Pressed play and prayed for the plate to spin at proper speed. When it did I nearly broke my neck from the ensuing head nod.

Happy to put this new record down on my trusty dusty Technics tonight and have a similarly demanding of accupuncture type experience. As a former drummer, I will forever fall victim to the insatiable draw of blasphemously funky snare and kick drum action.

I guess I don’t have to worry about dealing with the same culprit next time. Supposedly, this is the last YNQ 12″, which completes the 5 solo follow-up EPs dedicated to each of the individual members of this invented band.