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Slowin’ Down

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Joe Bataan : What Good Is A Castle (Parts 1 & 2)
taken from the album “Riot!” on Fania (1968)

Zap Pow : Sunshine People
taken from the 12″ on Wham-Pac (1980)

Cheif Stephen Osita Osadebe : Egwu Ani
taken from the album “Osadebe In 80’s” on Polygram (1980)

I blame Summer for my lack of posts. It’s awfully hard to sit in front of my computer (in my very hot and stuffy office/studio) when it’s a sunny 88 degree day and there are three free concerts to choose from and my friends are in town and there’s a BBQ grill getting hot and an astro-pop waiting to stick to my tongue. That’s why I’ve been negligent. Everything is slowing down here in New York. Fine by me. Time to let the tempo drop as the songs stretch out and simmer a while. I’ll post some more music soon, but I’ve been giving priority to swimming and snoozing in the park.

Joe Bataan you should really know by now. But if somehow you’ve missed his music, I suggest you go out immediately and pick up his entire catalogue. Seriously, no duds (except maybe his album called “II” from ’81). “What Good…” is a soul song that really captures the feeling of hot New York City nights with people on the streets and mini-drama unfolding everywhere – for me at least.

Zap-Pow, fronted by singer Beres Hammond, brings us this perfect summer bounce tune (with the extended dub in the middle for maximal chilling). Can’t resist that hook can you?

And what heat wave would be complete without a bit of Juju/Highlife? Slinky percussion and watery guitar licks turn a muggy afternoon into a pleasant delirious trance. I’m not sure about the rest of Osadebe’s catalogue, but this recent aquisition has stayed on my turntable all week. I know the trumpet sounds a little off-key when it first comes in, but give it a minute, the player finds the pocket four bars in.