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Rebel Rock

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Third World All Stars : Repatriation Remedy, Rebel Rock
and Soothing In The Mind
all taken from the album “Rebel Rock” on Third World (1976)

Stumbled upon a little stash of reggae records on my lunch break yesterday. This instrumental roots LP was one of the ones I took home. The others will probably make an appearance here in the near future- Royals?? Dandy?? Audrey?? Some great discoveries for me.

The Third World All Stars lineup includes trombonist Rico Rodriguez (when that name caught my eye I knew I had to snag it) and Eddie ‘Tan Tan’ Thorton on trumpet. Rebel Rock fills a surprisingly small niche in the world of Jamaican music – consistant, jazzy reggae with simple, clean arrangements and nice production (although I’m not a fan of the somewhat grating effect they put on Rico’s trombone during “Soothing”). The soloing is compelling enough that I don’t miss having a soulful vocalist here. I have to admit though, one of my first thoughts after hearing “Remedy” was how perfect this song would be in a mash-up (uh-oh). Bottom line, I need to find more albums like this. Absolutely the perfect soundtrack to summertime laziness.