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Ticklah : Si Hecho Palante & Nine Years
taken from the album “Ticklah vs. Axelrod” on Easy Star (2007)

Amp Fiddler : Scared / Afro Butt (Interlude)
taken from the album “Afro Strut” on Genuine (2007)

Black Moth Super Rainbow : Sun Lips & Rollerdisco
taken from the album “Dandelion Gum” on Graveface (2007)

Of course I love old and dusty vinyl, but I also feel obliged to share the recent highlights from my iPod. Here’s proof that the same things I’ve always loved about records are still thriving in some lesser-known releases. Deep dubby dynamics meets soulful spanish songstress in “Si Hecho Palante” – that’s Mayra Vega on vox, same lady who voiced the Antibalas remake of “Che Che Cole”. Ticklah, who some may know from his participation in Afrobeat supergroup Antibalas or his hand in producing “Dub Side Of The Moon”, is one of the nastiest reggae & dub producers out there right now. Any fans of King Tubby & Scientist absolutely need to buy this album.

Once again, Amp Fiddler comes through with funky fuel for the dancefloor. The new album features guest vocalists Corrine Bailey Rae & Stephanie McKay among others. “Scared / Afro Butt” is apparently only on the US edition of the album, so you foreigners are getting the exclusive import edition!

Finally, perhaps the album that I’ve had on repeat in it’s entirety more than any other this year (this was my Eurorail soundtrack) – “Dandelion Gum”. This music is a bizarre and enchanting cloud of sound that disorients me and pulls me away from the ground every time I listen. The album, which I highly reccommend copping, is a non-stop, vocoder-infused (or is it a talkbox?), dream sequence. These two tracks go back to back, to give you an idea of how the whole record flows. I see on the group’s website, that they have other records too, which I will now proceed to order. Big thanks to Ant for the tip-off on this one.