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Tim Maia: Imunizacao Racional and Contato Com Mundo Racional”
Taken from the album Racional Vol. 1 on Seroma (1975)

Tim Maia: Quer Queria Que Nao Queria and O Caminho Do Bem
Taken from the album Racional Vol. 2 on Seroma (1975)

I’m digging deep into the crates of rareities to unleash on y’all a couple of the more delectable delights of mid-seventies Brazilian soul, courtesy of the one and only, the gargantuan (in both physical and musical terms) TIM MAIA!

This guy is truly an epic character in post-Tropicalia Brazilian music (often referred to as MPB) and this duo of albums hints at why…

It should be noted that the inspiration for these albums was devined from an obscure Brazilian cult, called Universo em Desencanto, which explains the bizarre cover art and also the fact that, if you were a Portugese-speaker, it would probably feel like ol’ Timmy was proselytizing the hell outta you over the course of these two albums. Like a south of de border Jerry Falwell, but funkier.

That said, the music speaks for itself. (No wonder, when City Of God came out, they couldn’t resist the employing “O Caminho Do Bem” to enhance the net effect of the film: namely, awesomeness.)

This post is, however, part of a larger ploy: I’m utilizing the particular dopeness of these tracks as bait to lure any self-respecting, groove-loving Angelenos out to the Short Stop in Echo Park (1455 Sunset Blvd.) FRIDAY NIGHT where I’ll be DJ’ing alongside the illustrious O-Dub, of Soul-Sides notoriety, for a scintillating journey through the vinyl vaults of SOUL, FUNK, LATIN, SALSA and BOOGALOO. We’ll be doing it all night long, so come early and stay late.

BONUS: in addition to a edited recording of the live set from tomorrow night which will be available to anyone who signs up on our mailing list, I will also bring a handful of CD copies of the REST of the blazing fire from the Racional albums, in addition to other rare Brazilian goodness. Ask and ye shall recieve. (First come first serve…)

See you tomorrow…