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Unknown Brazilian Goodies

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Thanks to your info, we’ve got the songs ID’ed. So update your MP3s with the following:

“Cachaca Mecanica” is Erasmo Carlos
“Mystery 1” is Kazumbanda by Marku Ribas
“Mystery 2” is Eu Bebo Sim by The Golden Boys
“Mystery 3” is It’s Time For Carnaval by Airto Moreira
“Mystery 4” is Batucada by Marcelo D2

Check the comments for info on albums and comps where these songs appear. BIG thanks to: Andy, BRS-ONE, Helmut, & Paw!

UNKNOWN ARTIST : Cachaca Mecanica
taken from the album “Sambas Reunidos Vol.2” on Premier (1973)

UNKNOWN ARTISTS : Mystery 1, Mystery 2, Mystery 3, Mystery 4
taken from a CDR

I’m looking for some help today from all you Brazilian heads out there. I found a great CD full of nice tracks, but it was burned and thus I have no info about who made the music or what song titles are. I feel pretty confident that Mystery #1 is Marku Ribas, but this song isn’t on any of the lp’s I have from him. Mysteries 2 – 4 I have no idea.

I also recently picked up this great collection of sambas put out in ’73. It sounds like covers of a lot of popular tunes, but there’s no info on the LP jacket to let me know who’s doing these cover versions. The singers are definitely different from track to track, so I’m not sure if it’s a compilation or just a group that has multiple vocalists.

Last time I asked for help from you guys I got a ton of info, so I’m hoping someone out there will recognize at least a couple of these. Please post a comment with any leads. It will be much appreciated. And even if a song or two should remain a mystery forever, the music is still top notch.