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Michna : Triple Chrome Dipped
taken from the album Magic Monday on Ghostly International (2008)

Brazilian Girls : Good Time & Losing Myself
taken from the album New York City on Verve (2008)

Sebastien Tellier : Kilometer (link removed by request)
taken from the album Sexuality on lLucky Number (2008)

I realize this may look like I’m jumping on a blog bandwagon by endorsing these albums, but these song are getting me really excited about the possible return to an era of sound where Talking Heads-inspired vocal ingenuity and Devo-esque synth tweakery finds a comfortable home in the ears of current pop consciousness.

BIG PROPS to the kid Egg Foo Young aka MICHNA, a familiar face from behind the counter at Turntable Lab, who shocked me with his trombone skills on this record. Deep and danceable at the same time is a difficult feat, but he pulls it off with panache on this never boring collection of gumbo-style instrumentals.

Are the Brazilian Girls considered mainstream now? I hope so. They deserve it. I remember when I would see them at their weekly Wednesday night residency at the tiny sweatbox that is still Nublu. And yes, Sabina is one of the sexier frontladies of our time.

Finally, I’m sharing another highly trendy and overly-blogged record, but it’s so addictive! If you didn’t know already, now you do. Lovemaking has just been given another great gift in the form of this seduction soundtrack. Hearing such perfectly broken English from a Frenchman makes me want to stop making sense so much when I speak. Who cares if the CD is available at American Apparel stores? Sebastian gets the pass for being greater the cloud of hipster hype which surrounds him.