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The 40-Year-Old Banger

clapping-song 20080728-izza1

I recently dug up this Shirley joint and was reminded of just how simple the recipe is for a timeless dancefloor banger.  Double-dutch rhymes, handclaps, and the obligatory pounded-by-caveman drums. Still works for plenty of artists today. First thought: this is screaming to be remixed and I will do it. While allowing the record to linger in my “to be remixed” crate, I finally gave a listen to the Kizzaland mixtape that people had been telling me about (sometimes I’m slow). First thought: that bastard Timbaland protege beat me to it! The rest of the mixtape is definitely worth a listen too, but this one made me smack the back of my head. Also check these Izza Kizza videos if you got a second.Shirley Ellis : The Clapping Song
taken from the 7″ single on Congress (1965)

Izza Kizza : Walk The Dawg (ft. Missy Elliot)
taken from the Kizzaland Mixtape (2008)