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Hip Hop Howl Mixtape on iMeem


I’m off to New England for the weekend to do some shows with The Beatards (anyone near Northampton, MA needs to holler!), but I wanted to give a quick heads up about this Hip Hop Howl Mixtape featuring one of our tracks- alongside fresh business from a bunch of other up-n-coming folks you should get familiar with. MTR family members Crosmopolitan & Miz Metro (with a lil help from the one and only Fiona Bloom) put together this amazing live mixtape showcase that we were a part of at SXSW in Austin last month and this mix is the closest thing to a recorded version of what went down live. It was an insane line-up of like 30 artists, everybody feeding off each other’s energy and getting inspired. Check out the iMeem front page where the mix is featured, then proceed directly to the download page to get your copy for the wonderful price of free 99!