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Stay Flie

Three 6 Arcade

It’s not often that listening to any artist tagged as “indie-rock” gets me so amped, but since I jumped on the Arcade Fire bandwagon a few years ago, I’ve always had the urge to mess with one of their songs. Their music is anthemic. It delivers an energy and emotion that celebrates the best and worst things in life. Think I’m being over the top? David Bowie is alleged to have called them the greatest band in the history of music, so I think by comparison I’m still on sane ground.

While I can’t say I’m as consistently a fan of Three 6 Mafia, I still have not gotten tired of their 2006 hit, Stay Fly. The original beat, sampled from Willie Hutch, was straight fire, but I thought I’d try my hand at a little mash-up with Arcade Fire’s Rebellion (Lies), off their debut album, Funeral. Indie rockers and dirty south hip-hop heads… Unite!

Three 6 Mafia / Arcade Fire      Stay Flie (Tacit Remix)

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