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Yeasayer ONE Remix

These dudes make really good music, I saw the opportunity to remix one of their best songs over at MadDecent.com, I jumped on it (albeit a little late in the game). The official site where you can vote for your favorite remix is annoyingly glitchy, but if you like my mix  then please take a minute to a least try and vote for me. But really, all competition aside, I was just happy to play around with their audio files and see all the different layers of their music broken down. My take is focussed on the dancefloor- funky,  dubby, electro-disco to your dome. I’m staying really active right now, so more remixes coming soon…

Yeasayer :       ONE (Chuck Wild Remix)

  • Kish

    Ah nice remix, its kinda cute and dancey.

  • ian

    Nice mix man!

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