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Soweto Stompers

Watching the World Cup has given me the perfect excuse to share something I’ve been meaning to for a LONG time… Soweto Stompers. These are the feel good, upbeat, and very funky sounds of vintage South Africa that have been co-opted by the likes of Paul Simon, Vampire Weekend, and the somewhat lesser-known Lizzy Mercier Descloux. Whatever your opinion of those artists is (mine is positive on all counts), it’s hard to deny a smile while listening to these tunes, especially if you happen to also be watching a good soccer match with some friends and a cold brew. Most of these I’ve recorded from my poor neglected vinyl stash- digitizing just takes so damn long I hardly do it anymore- but there’s a couple here I’ve culled from other compilations. Stay tuned for a Part 2 that will bring you some more blatantly funk sounding cuts, and possibly even a part 3 to share some recent Kwaito joints that are working in the clubs right now. I also got inspired by a recent Strut compilation and busted out a couple simple remixes that I’ve included here, basically just beefing up the drums and adding a few synths for greater dancefloor usability. So if the official world cup anthems ain’t helping you feel the spirit, you know you can always count on MTR!

The Cockerel Boys :       Njalo Ngolwesihlanu &       Singo Ganda Ganda

Mahotella Queens :       Asambe Mntakamama

Soul Brothers :       Phuma Layikhaya

Soul Ryders :       Dali Mayi Fo Hloza

The Mgababa Queens :       Maphuti (Captain Planet Remix)

Intombi Zephepha :       Ingoina Le Nayathi (Captain Planet Remix)

  • Yamin

    Great tunes!

  • TP

    Right on! I’m there. Perfect.

  • alex

    Lovin the remixes, went down a storm at a gig last night, thanks for the download!!

    PS Any more of those up your sleeve?

  • Alison Butters

    Hi Chuck,

    Do you know which record label owns the Intombi Zephepha track Ingoina Le Nyathi? Also, do you have any information on who the songwriter is?

    I work for a music clearance company and we are trying to track down the music rights owners.

    This is a long shot, but I thought there might be some information on the format you got the track from, be it CD or vinyl.

    Fingers crossed,



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