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With the addition of today’s 11 nuggets of goodness, we have officially breached the 1000 song mark! Three and a half years ago, I (along with my one-time crew of colleagues– all of whom have now officially flubbed out) began hand picking these little pieces of sonic inspiration, with the general guiding principle that, we love this music, so other people would probably love to hear it too. No hard feelings towards the rest of the crew (who all happen to be my best friends)- they’re all busy with their own work and lives and don’t necessarily obsess about digging up unheard songs to the extent that I do. I had already been blogging for a couple years (anyone remember Captain’s Crate?) and I don’t see this habit disappearing from my weekly routine any time soon. I’ve made music my life’s business (and my soul’s religion), so it feels karmically right to share, spread and promote the gospel as I hear it. Here’s a big cheers to all of you who enjoy my crazy eclectic tastes, and know that your kind words are always appreciated.

P.S. – the picture above is none other than legendary digger Keb Darge (whose many compilations were life savers in my early days of DJ-ing), and it’s taken from the amazing Dust & Grooves website that is a recent revelation to me.

Ernie Hines :       Our Generation (DJ Nu-Mark Re-Edit)
real nice take on a well-sampled classic from Unlce Nu. If you haven’t checked this man’s tropical travels mixes, you need to fix that!

The Pointer Sisters :       Send Him Back (Pilooski Edit)
another dancefloor burner from this funky frenchman.

Nicolas Jaar :       Mi Mujer
one of my favorites from this highly talented kid.  Minimal house with some nice percussion touches and a very unique vocal that makes me picture a mustachioed latin-lover dancing sleazy style in an attempt to seduce a woman in a dimly lit basement dive bar.

Fantastic Mr. Fox :       Pascal's Chours
more minimal electronic for you… this time from a Berliner. The whole EP is brain juice. Drink up.

Little Dragon :       Little Man (An-Ten-Nae Remix)
ah yes, indie-crunk. For a whole lot more 808’s, check it out.

Vybz Kartel :       My Crew
wow. This hook +  insane beat by Dre Skull = summer anthem status.

J Boogie :       Motto Moombah ft. Los Rakas & E-40
the first time I heard this was in a packed club, and I was like, “wait a minute, THIS BEAT SAMPLES ME!?!” Crazy mash-up steez courtesy of Bay Area big daddy J Boogie with a Digable Planets sample, Drake bassline, and butter-smooth vocals from Los Rakas. If you ever need help making a party dance, play this, trust me.

Grupo Socavon :       Homenaje a Justino (Thornato Remix)
more South American banger’s from the Cumba Mela crew. The whole EP is free, thank them not me.

Sola Rosa :
very nice rootsy steppers production from one of the main moovers and shakers here in LA, señor Sole.

The Decoders :       Reasons ft. Love-Logiq
with each new song released by these LA locals, I get more excited to hear the whole album. If you’re in the area this Friday, be smart & catch them live.

Kitty, Daisy, & Lewis :       Messing With My Life
shouts to the Calamari Moon crew for putting me onto this group. When I first heard the song I figured it was a forgotten old 60’s folk funk record ala Ellen McIlwaine, but it’s good to know that there’s some eccentric British siblings keeping the simple rawness alive.

  • tiana

    Thank you thank you thank you. Honestly this site has brought me more happiness than I can explain- nights I felt isolated and lost in China turned solo dance parties, and I’ve you to thank!

  • drewcifer

    Yep, big thanks from me too man. I stumbled upon Captain’s Crates years ago (I think some one on Z-Trip’s website forum had mentioned it). So many tracks since then have become a stable part of my life. I love music, but have been living in Vietnam the past few years, which has been like living in musical isolation. This blog cupeled with soundcloud have saved my ears and sanity. I even used the Gumbo Funk name from a dj night I did at a friends bar Soul, Funk, Reggae, Blues, Psy-Rock….one night played The Flirtations Nothing But A Heartache, one German backpacker grooving proper Northern Soul moves. Not sure who was more surprised, I didn’t think i’d see that level of great dancing here ever, and he later confessed that he wasn’t expecting to hear Northern Soul that night. Take it easy and keep up the Gumbo Funk Platter of goodness.

  • Oz


  • leftside

    congrats, may you bring us another 1000 gems!

  • djmrsunshine

    also been around since Captain’s crate. Living in Taiwan now (weird everybody posting is in asia), but actually went to a Mixtape Riot party at Beauty Bar NYC when I was living in brooklyn. Yeah. Awesome stuff.

  • leahkingmusic

    pretty sure I’ve also heard all 1000!!! gonna be checkin in on your gumbofunkderdom till 1000000000, my dude! keep doing it.
    I think you’ve been helping me find new musical gems for 15 years now… daaaaaaang!!!! :)

  • Chuck Wild

    WOW! Thanks for all the kind words. So cool to picture these songs in all corners of the globe. Leah muhfuggin King, I gotta dig up our old version of “Cut Chemist Suite” from high school and post that up on here haha! I know I have that on CD somewhere… along with you singing Ricky Martin!

  • benoit de vilmorin

    Captain’s Crate ! muito saudade like the brazilian says…. keep up and bless for the great vibes !

  • leahkingmusic

    HAHAHA and I just might have ‘Stir It Up’ (the hip hop version) at my folks house someplace…

  • Alex

    Thanks for all the great music over the years since the days of the captain.

  • Dangerscouse

    1000? Can’t fault it, and yes, I totally remember Captain’s Crate. Thanks for the great tunes…they’re always appreciated, even when I’m not a massive fan of them, which doesn’t happen too often.

  • Dangerscouse

    I’m really struggling to decide which is my fav out of all of these. The Pointer Sisters is the best surprise, The Decoders and Sola Rosa remixes are really floating my boat and Nicholas Jaar is making me want to dance, and I’ve always got time for Little Dragon and J Boogie. You’ve produced some gems in your time Chuck, but these are up there with the best of the 1000, really outstanding selections

  • DJ Phil D

    Such a great ear Chuck, prime cuts this week!

  • paw andersen

    congrats…and thank you so ever much. one of my favorite blogs for many years including the crate. you have spiced up quite a few of my dj-gigs over the years. glad that your still in business.

    paw, copenhagen

  • Gruffalo

    I also remember captains crate with fondness. The site is fantastic, your taste almost impeccable. Congratulations and thanks.

  • exsculliver

    From DJ Stillifes remix, Es’tas That Somebody to your very own remix of Donna Sandra and everything in between, from MJs , Don’t Stop To You Get Enough bedroom version to your latest 11 nuggets, that’s a f ing huge amount of enjoyment you and your comrades have given me Chuck….all the way from Gumbofunk days.Thankyou so much! Sadly I’m 443 mp3’s down but gladly i’ll do some digi digging and discover some more of your gold. You and The Selvedge Yard make my days complete. Happy Days fom Byron Bay Australia

  • Ulmox

    Thanx 4 a lot of inspiring tunes over the years. Her’e’s some stuff outa Sweden that I’ll hope u like

    Peace and thanx 4 keeping things fresh!!!!

  • josh

    I can’t count the number of riotous tracks that have made our living room floor bounce up and down. I’ll be sure to write if we don’t get our security deposit back! thanks for keeping them coming

  • DubMe

    Thanks for your weekly doses of good music!!! Thanks for sharing & letting me discover so much good music! I only found your website a few months ago – but I am pretty sure I got most of the 1000 songs of good music! And the good thing is also – your website isn‘t blocked in China – so I also had some solo dancing parties… ;-)

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