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Mystery Trip Vol.1

It’s here! And I couldn’t be happier to share this lovechild with you all. The basic concept for this whole project was about returning to the roots of what first inspired me to make music as “Captain Planet”. From the cassette mixes my sister would give me with ornate hand designed track-listings (generally accompanied by glitter), to smoking weed with my high school art teacher and her husband while recording tracks from their insane psychedelic record collection, to my travels abroad in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America, to the endless thrift stores, flea markets and record dens where I always spend too much time and too many dollars digging, to the present day where I’ve come to dedicate my life to making and sharing music that often falls beneath the radar- this 50min mix is a product of all of that. I warned you I was going to make a cassette tape, so now here’s your chance to grab it. We only pressed 200 of these, and they’re already selling faster than shake-weights, so I highly suggest you get one quick. Letting my creativity run amok, I even hand painted some walkmen which are available as a premium package. AND, if you’re as broke as I used to be, then you still have the opportunity to win big with this sample-spotting contest through TurntableLab.com where you could take home the coolest boombox known to humankind. Big shouts to my Bastard Jazz fam, to OkayAfrica and to the Potholes blog for their support.

And now, without further ado, feel free to press play, and take a trip…

  • Nacho

    Yesterday i bought the cassette! GREAT WORK, GREAT MUSIC, GREAT WEB, keep it coming man!!

    Saludos desde Argentina!
    if you come near send me a mail, i could get you a gig.

  • benoit de vilmorin

    massive ! bless !

  • Captaintriffied

    Oh Captain! They want $6.50 to post the cassette to the UK. But, really, I want the digital downloads only. And I DO want them.

  • Chuck Wild

    Thanks guys. Captaintriffied… considering how much music I give away for free, think of this as a rare moment when you give back. As soon as you order the cassette you’ll get an email with a link to download the separate tracks and the mix. You can burn the cassette when you get it, or give it to a friend who still rocks a boombox.

  • Tiana

    Amazing work, thank you a million times over once again. I’d tip if I could

  • Captaintriffid

    Because you’re worth it? Oh, go on then. I suppose you are. Please consider my purchase as your ultimate acolade. And when the plastic and tape finds its way across the Atlantic and I find someone who still has a boombox, I’ll let you know.

  • Remy

    Grabbed it. Happy to support your music and this blog

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