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Stupid Hype Part 2: ALL THE WAY LIVE

The moment has finally arrived! Not only is today is the LA premier of Stupid Hype, but it’s also the worldwide launch on CWTV.com. Go watch the first 3 mini-episodes now! DJ with the mullet? Yeah, that’s me. Super proud of my bro and all my friends who made this happen, and really freakin glad to have been a part of the whole project from it’s inception as well. Having spent the last few months in a bit of a 90’s time warp- producing all the songs for this soundtrack (which will be released soon)- I’m gladly getting back to making new music. But I also feel like this may just be the beginning for Hype… Since you can’t all be at the premier party tonite (sad, I know), I’m gladly sharing some of the playlist that we will be doing the running man to.

Big Daddy Kane :       Set It Off

Sagat :       Funk Dat

Inner City :       Big Fun

Technotronic :       Get Up

Tone Loc :       Wild Thing

Doug Lazy :       Let It Roll

Eric B & Rakim :       Don't Sweat The Technique &       I Know You Got Soul

A Tribe Called Quest :       Youthful Expression

De La Soul :       Eye Know

Soul II Soul :       Back To Life

  • bodoo

    tha playlist !

  • Nina

    Do you think it will be possible to see it on our french tv???
    Here we cant watch CWTV’s videos…maybe on youtube…
    The trailer on youtube sounds realy cool! I think I saw you with long hair haha.
    Good luck! And thanks for the playlist!

  • Dangerscouse

    Amazing playlist….possibly would have been very slightly better if you’d used ‘No Omega’ instead of the also brilliant ‘I Know You Got Soul’, but no now I’m just splitting hairs!!

  • Chuck Wild

    Hey Nina, I hope you can see it in France! Yes, that’s me with the long mullet haha. Thanks Badoo & Mr. Dangerscouse, much appreciated. Omega coulda and shoulda, there’s too many good ones…

  • Dangerscouse

    Yep, can’t disagree with that….

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