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Tounkan Remix


Been patiently waiting to release this one on the public, and the day has finally arrived! This is an official remix I did for Stronghold Sound – a DJ/producer crew/record label based out of San Francisco, Beirut & Conakry (Guinea, West Africa). The original recording was part of a collection of Guinean folk recordings made by the Stronghold crew, featuring singer ‘Sara’. This remix is now available on 7″ vinyl along with remixes from J-Boogie, Chief Boima + Ciku, and Dub Snakkr. Any purchase of 7″ gets you access to the MP3 download. West African folk meets electro-disco future-funk… aka Good Music. Go get it here.

  • Dawn

    I am so, so, so stoked to have discovered you. I have loved African music since 18 – fell in love with a man who was a fanatic collector. When we parted (heartbreak) he kept the collection (irreplaceable vynil collected from all over Africa by motorbike)… but I still have the love and now at 42 it seems even bigger. It is an inexplicable spell and I see that you have it.. Thank you for introducing me to Uproot Andy. Where can I listen to the stuff you did Thomas Mapfumo? (Saw him live!)

  • Chuck Wild

    Thanks Dawn, I do share the bug indeed. The collabo with Mapfumo will be on my next album… working on it now! Stay tuned.

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