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Bad Patriot


To celebrate America’s birthday this year, my boo and I made a last minute mission south of the border to the land where fireworks are legal, tacos are plentiful, and the mariscos are as fresh as they are cheap. It’s been a pretty hectic past couple weeks, rocking at parties in NYC, including an all-star bash at The 303 with Nickodemus & DRM, and another edition of my monthly BKLA party at the James Hotel with DJ Cato & Geko Jones (where none other than David Byrne was getting down on the dance floor!!!). I’m also very happy to say that my next Captain Planet album is officially DONE, and will be going off to get mastered next week. In the meanwhile, I’ve been loading up on tons of new tunes, raiding hard drives and trainspotting shamelessly like always, and those gems will gradually find there way onto this site, starting with this weekend’s selection of goodies.

Sinkane :       Hold Tight

Hollie Cook :       99 &       Ari Up

Lana Del Rey :       West Coast (The Grades Icon Mix)

Chris Malinchak ft. Mikky Ekko :       Stranger

De Lux :       Better At Making Time

Bag Raiders :       Nairobi

That Girl With Dark Eyes :       Lonely As A Wolf (Overjoy Remix)

Zhu :       Faded (Rainer + Grimm Remix)

Route 94 ft. Jess Glynne :       My Love

Fatima :       Do Better &       Ridin Round (Sky High)

  • Jon

    WOW David Byrne dancing, awesome! Nobody dances like him man!

  • B

    Hey man, I love the selection this week! Been following you blog for a little while, now. Let us know where you’re playing next time you’re in New York!

  • rob coppola

    nice work Chuck. as usual a smooth; but beatsy and eclectic selection. I never tire of listening to such music. Your introductions have broadened my interest so now I search out (and pay for) new tracks from particular featured artists. contact us if you ever make it down under to SYDNEY

  • cotización shiba

    Thanks for the feedback! That’s an interesting point. I suppose there are many reasons, internal and external, why we do not accomplish all that we might. Regardless, I am thankful for the Lord’s grace in that. Thanks again!

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