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Out Of The Gray And Into Hi-Def

I’m very jazzed up about this uber-fresh new music video for my last Captain Planet single “In The Gray” ft. my good friend, the insanely talented chanteuse Brit LaurĂ©n. After having a really bad music video experience earlier this Spring, where I spent too much money and time on a video that ended up as a flop, it was extremely reassuring to make this sharp and simple one with a handful of friends on a very limited budget in just a couple days. HUGE shout out to everyone on the team for helping make this happen- Araeia Robinson (director), Adam Tillman-Young (cinematographer), Dominique Dawson (styling), and all my friends for their time and dramatic skills! Also big up to Complex Mag for the awesome feature and write-up.

The single is out and even available on 7″ vinyl, so grab it if you’ve been sleeping…

  • sandeep Chauhan

    I played the Katy B rerub just the other night at a gig. Went over real well.

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