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Tudo de Bom


A serious heatwave has hit us in LA this week, so it feels very appropriate to keep the Summer sounds rolling out. While sitting in front of a barely working AC unit in nothing but my drawers, I can think of little else that sounds more appealing than some breezy, feel good, samba funk. With that in mind, I present to you theĀ  latest Captain Planet song to premier off my upcoming album. “Tudo de Bom” is a bouncy Brazilian joint featuring vocals by the lovely Samira Winter, with background vocals and additional guitar chops by up-n-coming rocker Nevilton. I loved working with these guys (there’s actually another song with Samira on the album), and I hope you can hear the fun we had in the studio when you press play. If you pre-order the “Esperanto Slang” album, you’ll get an immediate download of this tune, plus the other 2 singles that have dropped so far. Big shout out to Sounds & Colours Magazine for the premier yesterday. Press play and bump loudly!

  • Dawn

    Ah .. Mr Wilde.. late at night in cold Cape Town, just finished a long Skype with my darling who happens to be in China right now.. first thing I saw was your new post. I was wondering where you been. I lost all my music (laptops are number one theft item in this town) – this tune you just landed in my inbox is perfect because right now nothing matters and I’m feeling the love… yay for technology.. love how your music so often just hits the spot…

  • Dangerscouse

    Just get me the album. Your production is improving tune on tune. Lovin this

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