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Esperanto Slang Has Arrived


It’s finally here!!! Esperanto Slang represents about 2 years of solid work (with plenty of side projects in between). It was a very collaborative project, and I’m enormously grateful to all the musicians and singers who helped make this record happen. I’ve been talking quite a bit about what inspired this album in some recent interviews, but the basic concept was to pay respect to the emerging global language that I have experienced in pockets around the world. In little clubs, generally off the main strip where you hear more commercial club music, there are funky dancefloors fiending for for alternative beats. Music that sounds both ancient and immediate, foreign and familiar. Music that helps people connect with the wider world and asks them to step outside of what they know. These are the places I’ve always sought out- both as a dancer in the crowd, and as a DJ/performer looking to create and share a meaningful experience. Whenever I find myself in one of those places, I feel like we’re all speaking Esperanto.

Stream the whole record below, share it with friends, spread the word… and please support! It’s now available in beautiful double RED VINYL, CD or MP3 courtesy of Bastard Jazz Records. I promise I will go back to posting other people’s music soon! haha.

  • Phil D

    Great work, added to our overnight playlist. Keep it coming!

  • Dawn

    I love Quetzalcoatl!

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