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Thanks But No Thanks


What the hell America?!? I’ve been extremely angry, sad, confused, and more than a few other emotions over the past couple of weeks. Recent events have brought to the surface all the racist hostility which remains in so many places of power here. Luckily there were still a few things to be thankful for on Thanksgiving- gathering with family and friends, breaking bread, cooking together, rain to break the drought. And definitely I’m always thankful for discovering and sharing new music. Today’s playlist is more about songs that are helping keep me sane, soothing the soul, rather than political or protest songs (which would be completely appropriate as well). I hope they find their way into your ears with some of that healing love that we all need so badly right now.

Gabriel Garzón-Montano :       6 8 &       Everything Is Everything

Raury :       God's Whisper

Lion Babe :       Jump Hi ft. Childish Gambino

Liquid Liquid :       Scraper

Saravah Soul :       Mussum (Quantic Remix)

AbJo :       Vibração Comigo (Vibe With Me)

Mura Masa :       Lotus Eater

Hailu Mergia & The Walias :       Musicawi Silt

Mac DeMarco :       Passing Out Pieces

Galimatias & Alina Baraz :       Drift

Bobby Womack :       Please Forgive My Heart

  • joel

    hey I’m sorry to ask, i tried to search for news concerning racism in America, but what happend recently?

  • joel

    finally found something… not so much news about this in europe… http://www.commdiginews.com/politics-2/to-what-country-is-a-racist-america-being-compared-to-31341/

  • Dangerscouse

    Thanks for the tunes Chuck, a really good selection as always.

    I really worry the way the whole world is going, not just America. Racism is increasingly prevalent in far too many countries. It must have been my eternal optimism that hoped the human race could be better than they are generally proving themselves to be. Don’t get me wrong, there are still considerable causes for hope, but it needs to be sorted out and quickly.

  • Jon

    Holy crap, AbJo sampled Madvillain’s “Raid”, awesome!

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