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Keep It Molten


Don’t let the summer heat melt your mood. It may be 94 degrees with 85% humidity out there, but that’s no excuse to sit still in front of the AC with an icepack in your pants. Instead, here’s a volcanic burst of magma beats to liquify your core and keep you flowing smoothly into the weekend. Don’t try to cool off, just turn up heat and watch the sweat evaporate right off of you into a cloud of stinky pheramone haze. My main point is simply- keep dancing. Artwork today comes from Ruthless Creative, aka Robert Lux a designer who also makes dance music.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra :       Can't Keep Checking My Phone

Mark Ronson :       Daffodils ft. Kevin Parker &       I Can't Lose ft. Keyone Starr (Pomo Remix)

Maribou State :       Midas ft. Holly Walker

Ne-Yo :       Sexy Love (Phil Gerus Remix)

Flume :       Holdin On (Kaytranada Remix)

Kerbside Collection :       Sweet Like Nectar (Ennio Styles Remix)

Moon Boots :       Off My Mind (Rogue Vogue Remix)

Daniel Haaksman :       Sabado ft. Bulldozer (Castro Remix)

Glass Animals :       Gooey (Love Taps Remix)

Lxury :       Square 1


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