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Back To Me


Today marks the official release for “Back To Me”, the album I produced for the very talented singer/songwriter Shana Halligan. We worked on these songs for over a year and a half together- taking many creative twists and turns along the way. Any of you who are familiar with my production history can hear that this project was a swing in a new direction, but I feel lucky to have learned a lot in the process and I’m definitely proud of the outcome. Moody, sexy, sultry, electronic soul. One song is co-produced by T.M. Juke and another is by up-n-comer Yngcult. Shana, who you may know from her previous work with Bitter:Sweet or Thievery Corporation, knows how to find her sweet spot on a beat in a matter of minutes. I think my favorite song on the album is “Something Real” (which I’m sharing here today), but I encourage anyone who likes this track to listen to the rest of the album. there’s also a bonus track “So Crazy” that didn’t make the final cut, but is available as a free download on her soundcloud. If you’re in LA you can check her out at the KCRW sponsored release party at Hotel Cafe on Nov. 12. Please support if you dig it and tell a friend to tell a friend!

  • ben

    awesome classic playlist ! bless

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