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My travels here in Asia continue to be highly rewarding and mind expanding in the following departments: delicious spicy food, salty tropical breezes, picturesque hypercolor views, thrilling scooter rides, sweaty jungle explorations, wild animal encounters, and (perhaps most importantly) time away from my normal routine. I am finding a minuscule amount of time to work on new music in my little makeshift hotel room studio, and of course I’m dedicated to sharing music as regularly as possible with you here, but everything else about our daily schedule requires problem solving skills and creativity. In the past month and a half we’ve explored Cambodia, Malaysian Borneo, Vietnam, Thailand (earlier this week where the pic above was taken), and next week we’re heading to scuba dive in Sulawesi Indonesia. I’m back every weekend to DJ at my residency here at Hotel Vagabond in Singapore (a job offer that could not have come at a better time). I’m insanely thankful for all of this opportunity, and it’s definitely encouraging me to keep sharing music (which is how I ended up here to begin with). So here’s another playlist of slappers- some beavy bass and global sounds to keep inspiring travel, around the world, across the dancefloor, and within our selves.

Will Magid :       Irfan (ft. Paul Bertin) my brass homie from the bay comes correct with a balkan krunk banger

Jus Now :       Cyah Help It (ft. Ms. Dynamite & Bunji Garlin) the electro soca madman returns with a massive collabo

Midival Punditz :       Baanwarey (Atropolis Remix) vibey and deep Indian bass from my NYC beatsmith homie

Burcu Gunes :       Yakisir a Greek party starter secret weapon I robbed from DJ Cato

Ralfi Pagan :       Pelao (Cocotaxi Remix) one of the new breed of Fania remixes, taken from Geko Jones’ compilation, mucho mas Fania on the way…

Tamikrest :       Aratan N Tinariwen (MTMBT Re-Edit) desert rock burner

Quitapenas :       Guayabo (Yukicito Remix) my LA hermano Yuki came correct on this one

Odiggity :       Black Hole heavy afro-electro from this Swedish producer

Edem :       Koene (ft. Ice Queen) recent Ghanian club tune from this man

Justin Bieber :       Sorry (Deejay Theory Reggae Refix) very necessary retro roots mix of a song I can’t stop myself from loving, biggup mi bredren TEERY

Lagartijeando :       Cardo Rodando &       Amazonas a Los Andes very nice new release of pan-South-American sounds from the Frente Bolivarista camp

  • Nathanael Holt

    As ever, thanks for these. Weekend uplift achievement unlocked.

  • DiJiT

    Thanks again, from a volunteer at a tiny town community radio station in the middle of nowhere. You help spice up our airwaves. Loving the “Through the Wire” LP as well. I can’t thank you enough, but figured it was time I at least leave a comment.

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