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After three and a half months traveling in Asia, I’ve returned to California, and I must say, it feels really nice to be eating cheese and drinking wine. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to travel, for the countless eye opening experiences and new friends made, for the raucous parties and the jaw-dropping sights. Somehow it all makes me feel more grateful to come home to a place as special as California, and even appreciative of being from the U.S. (which is not something I’m always proud of). I’m taking it slow right now, getting over jet lag and a nasty eye infection I got on the flight, so rather than hit you with a bunch of high energy dance music, allow me to take you on a little mellow journey around the soundsphere- adding some new stamps to your passport along the way. Today’s playlist has retro sounds from West Africa, the Caribbean, Asia, South America, the Middle East and Europe– a true mix of gumbo funk reminiscent of the old Captain’s Crate days.

Amara Toure :       N'nijo &       Salamouti Guinea Conakry – thanks to Analog Africa

Los Zafiros :       Bossa Cubana &       La Luna en Tu Mirada Cuba

Charlie & The Boys :       Dance With Soul Singapore

Angkanang Kunchai :       Lam Plearn Mee Mia Laew Pai Thailand – thanks to Soundway Records

Thepporn Petchubon :       Fang Jai Viangjan Thailand

Unknown Artist :       Cambodian Mystery Song Cambodia – from one of many burned CD’s I bought in a market in Siem Reap

Mbongwana Star :       Malukayi &       1 million c'est quoi? Democratic Republic of the Congo – one of my favorite records of 2015

Los Corraleros De Majagual :       Sueltala Pa' Que Se Defiendo Colombia

Samir Hanna :       Lbesna Sharawil Jdoudna Lebanon

Ozdemir Erdogan :       Gurbet Turkey

Bassekou Kouyat√© & Ngoni Ba :       Borongoli Ma Kununban &       Fama Magni Mali – another great one from last year

Salvatore Adamo :       En Blue Jeans Et Blouson Belgium – strangely enough, I discovered this one listening to radio in a taxi in Seoul, Korea

  • Bongo Nation

    Hell yea thank you!

  • Wonderful G

    Thank you so much for your blog! You have opened my ears to so much great music! Many more happy travels….

  • Koenski

    just heard ”taske it easy”- LUXURY, wow, dat bassline !. Me,myself and I play bass and appreciate thsi a lot.
    Voices reminded me a bit of just anillusion -Imagination.
    Always great to know there is likeminded peeps across da pond, keepthangs funky friend !
    greetings from that littrle other ”land of the free” Holland aka the Netherlands. koensk

  • Dawn

    Mbongwana Stars 1 Million is feeding my soul, over and over, thank you…

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