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Carnival Time Again


Time to dust off your vuvuzela, the sequined bikini, and the feather headdress. All around the world, where Catholics and Christians spread the gospel, people will be getting loose in the streets this week. I don’t fully understand where this tradition comes from, but judging it purely on the visual and musical stimulus it has provided me over the years, I can’t be mad at it. I didn’t actually compile a playlist of authentic global carnival related songs (which is a good idea for some future date), but this week I’m sharing a collection of dance music that could potentially get you and your friends parading through the streets. There’s some Trinidad, some Brazil, some West Africa- plenty of beats and bass to go around. Special shout out this week to my man in Singapore DJ Bhayology for providing a healthy portion of this playlist. Photo above comes from the highly inspiring work of Phyllis Galembo.

Buju Banton :       Champion (Maga Bo Remix)

Pearls Negras :       Pensando em Você

Deela :       Okka Rina

Olatunji :       Ola

Yemi Alade :       Johnny

Afriquoi :       Ningde Jubeh

Madera Limpia :       Loco (Daniel Haaksman Remix)

Ephniko, Deuce Eclipse & Sonido Baylando :       Oye Morena

Snappy Jit :       Bumpa (SpydaT.E.K Remix)

Radioclit :       Secousse (Round Table Knights Remix)

Petrona Martínez :       La Encuera 2.0 ft. Uproot Andy

R. City :       Like This

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