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Heat Stroke


I’m feeling the effects of that late summer slow down, when going anywhere other than the beach feels like a little bit of a struggle. It’s hot and hazy here in Los Angeles, and I’ve been trying to turn all my recent DJ gigs into sonic portals to the Caribbean. With a steady stream of good new dancehall, reggaeton, afrobeats & soca, this teleportation technique actually works wonders. Seems like Jamaican dancehall¬†riddims have once again officially overtaken pop music (see: Beiber, Drake, Sia, Rihanna) and I’m not complaining, because even the unschooled in the crowd seem a little more open to hearing dembow. I’m having flashbacks to 2003 when Beyonce and Alicia Keys were doing reggae joints and Beenie Man was rapping on Neptunes beats on commercial hip hop radio. Again- not mad about this. Today’s playlist includes a bunch of the recent bangers I’ve been slipping into rotation lately. Some smoothed out bass heavy tropical pop music from Jamaica, Trinidad, Colombia and beyond…¬†Enjoy! Artwork today comes courtesy of the extremely talented Brock Lefferts, check his site out for more trippiness.

  • Fosh Oliver

    As always, thanks for all the great tunes Chuck!

    We were at a river spot on the east coast this past weekend, trying to escape the heat, and a kid with this mini sound system was blasting all these great Mexican dembow and reggaeton tunes that made the whole atmosphere perfect. My phone service was crap so I was only able to shazam 1 or 2 of the tracks. If you have any suggestions of artists to search out, I would love to hear them!

    Stay cool!

  • Dawn

    Hi – I’m busy working on a job involving traditional Mexican embroidery (I’m an embroidery artist here in Cape Town ) and was very happy to chance upon this wonderful set by Chanca via Circuito WHICH INCLUDED YOU CICADA TRACK I must say it has been a feast. Only one or two ‘dembow
    tracks amongst them but I do prefer it light. That Cicada song went down a treat amongst everything else, slotted in so well. Just thought I’d say.

  • Chuck Wild

    Hey Fosh, check out J Balvin, Farruko, Fuego & Daddy Yankee for starters. And Dawn, thanks so much for the link! It’s a beautiful mix, Chancha actually plays 3 Captain Planet songs in there! 2 are remixes I’ve posted on here- one for Luzmila Carpio and the other for Nicola Cruz.

  • Smiles Davis

    Hey Chuck! Thanks for this playlist. Super appreciate your consistency. My first single vibes perfectly with this playlist… do check it out. lmk what you think. and do post if you dig it. Much Love! https://soundcloud.com/djsmilesdavis/take-it-slow

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