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So many good records coming out right now, yet still I’m digging up more things from the forgotten past that I feel obliged to share as well. The new Solange record has been my number one on repeat lately, if you haven’t given it a proper listen yet, remedy that quick! Maybe it was being so grateful at hearing her keep the funk alive that made me want to return to some old dusty joints today- from here and abroad. So I’m tipping you off to one other new release by Pegasus Warning, but then taking you into some oldies, including joints from Brazil, Turkey and South Korea (that are mostly new to me). Artwork today comes from the very dope Katherine Bernhardt. Hope you dig!

  • Dawn

    Ah MAN!! I just HAD to comment – thank you so much for that re-edit of Going Back to my Roots!! It just spun me into a happy buzz from the onset. And oh MAN Slippery people will NEVER DIE, David Byrne was a genius way ahead of everyone and you must watch the video of that song. The congas, the girls, the grey onesies… !! Still listening to the rest of the set :)

  • surian kumar

    Killah post charlie, thank you!

  • Jason

    Great selection! Am unfamiliar with any other songs that CYP sang in english; great find.

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