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Stayin Alive

OOOF, no time no time, nothing new. Just wanted to drop off a big batch of fresh eclectic tunes before all of you lose faith in this place! I can still deliver the goods haha. Some mellower sounds that have been keeping my head on straight lately while I navigate the nonstop madness. Find someone to slow wine with and press play. Artwork above comes from Kerry James Marshall who has a retrospective up at LA MOCA right now.

  • Paul

    This is seriously the best blog out there. Great selections over and over. Thanks so much for your work

  • Cato

    That Lelu track is Fuego ;)

  • Jake

    I know what it’s like to have a baby change your world. Many of us will have kids of our own so we understand exactly how busy your life just got. Now I appreciate the effort you keep this going even more than I did before! Big up to you Sir!

  • joyce maynard

    very nice. and i love the art work.

  • Kris O.

    I’ll echo Jake. Was craving the next batch of fresh tunes, but also cutting you slack, all you need, due to vastly more important priorities…hahaha!

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