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Living Room Rave

There are more than a few activities I love doing, which I am now finding it increasingly difficult to find time for in my new dad life: bike rides, yoga, record digging, writing blog posts (once a month used to make me feel guilty)… However, there is one great joy (mostly absent until recently) that has now become a daily routine, helping to keep me sane while providing a solid musical education for my baby at the same time. I’m talking, of course, about the living room dance party. I feel blessed to have a generally happy kid, but when I drop the needle on a record in front of her and demonstrate the proper wrist action for turning up the volume, she becomes ecstatic. Bounce, twirl, shake, repeat. I put together this new batch of songs with these dance sessions in mind (apologies in advance to my downstairs neighbors). I have so much more good music to share, hopefully it won’t take as long for me to put up the next post. Cheers to funky Frenchman Claude Viallat for providing today’s visual flourish.

  • Kris Obertas

    Funny what you describe…I was at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival (check out the website, the name is deceptive…) It’s an all-age, family-friendly event. I saw a dads carrying little ones on their shoulders, I’d say two or less, and the kids were digging the music! Dancing, bobbing, waving arms, enjoying. I don’t think you can start them on the path of music too early!

    Thanks for the new tunes. A good soundtrack as I go through the festival program and dig into bands’ and artists’ catalogs…

  • T Stack

    Pullin Killimanjo out of the crypt! Listened to Haysobay the other day. Still a great mix. As always, great work!

  • Marc Assin

    Easy Money is such a treat Buddy! EnjoY the summer and holler if you pass by Londond

  • Jon

    Banger after banger after banger, Chuck. Thanks so much!

  • Dave West

    Your inspiration is spot on, constantly looking for good things to dance to with my girls. This mix hit the nail on the head. Great to see you’re still kickin out awesome jams!

  • Dangerscouse

    I assume you’ve not got carpets as your dancing shoes must have worn them out if you have. Not a bad track in this selection and they’re all very good or better! Cheers Chuck, to my ears this is your best selection of tunes for a long time

  • Wytse

    Thanks for this great set Chuck. Love the 12-inch Gladys Knight & The Pips track.

  • Kidcastro

    I agree with Dangerscouse. Love these picks!!

  • Kidcastro

    OK I have to comment again….I can’t get enough of these tunes. So refreshing…thank you!! Funk has been absent for sooooo long….so thank you!! More FUNK and SOUL please!!

  • Jake

    Great tunes. Back to how it was. This is why I started coming here. Global funk, soul and wickedness. Best tunes in a long, long time!

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