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Night Visions Remixed

Happy holidays everyone. It’s been pretty quiet over here since I have been in the middle of a move (woohoo!) and am building my new studio (triple woohoo!!!). I’ve got a new mix coming shortly, and tons of good tracks to share, but for now, I’m happy to announce the release of Night Visions Remixed on Bastard Jazz Records. It was a long while in the works, but I managed to wrangle a talented cadre of producer homies into remixing songs from my last album with Chico Mann. A nice variety of styles and sounds in the set, but this rootsy Colombian flavored joint from my boy Yukicito is just gorgeous. We also included one new original song “Ariwoko” as a bonus track, available as a FREE DOWNLOAD. Grab it while it’s hot or press play at your next ugly sweater party and pour another cup of egg nog for me!

  • Kris Obertas

    Thanks for the lively sounds at a dark time of year up in the NorthWest! Looking forward to the next mix. You stand alone as far as I can tell haphazardly, in consistently sharing a unique blend of international music I’d never stumble on otherwise.

    Moves might have fun and cool moments, but mostly are just a lot of work. Wishing the best for your new studio to open up exploration of creative possibilities.

    Have a great Christmas with family and friends!

  • Fonkeek

    Hey Chuck! I hope everything is well on your side wherever you are. I just wanted to truly thank you for all the work you’ve been doing for this blog. I bumped into it 2 days ago, and I decided to go through it all.. 20 pages left!!! hehe. Anyway, I wish you a great up coming year and many good ones to come. If you stop by Bali someday feel free to get in touch, I’ll be happy to try to hook you up with a gig here. You might like this mix https://www.mixcloud.com/fonkeek/livedjset-azul-260317/

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